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Fin. Sec. Skerritt now Regional Debt Coordination Committee chair

BRADES, Montserrat – The Hon. John Skerritt, Financial Secretary for the Government of Montserrat this month assumes chairmanship of the Regional Debt Coordination Committee (RDCC).

The RDCC was established by the Eastern Caribbean Currency Council on the 25th of October 1996 to facilitate the development and be responsible for the oversight of the operations of an integrated Regional Government Securities Market. This, the RDCC is to accomplish through harmonising the objectives, policies, procedures and rules, which seek to promote the efficient functioning of the market and enhance the overall debt management capabilities of the respective governments.

The main duties of the Chair are to:
1. Provide guidance in the area of policy to the Committee and the Secretariat;
2. Present reports to the Monetary Council on behalf of the RDCC;
3. Act as spokesperson for the Committee; Continue reading