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Montserrat’s Mammogram Programme on Stream

Written by Cathy Buffonge

BRADES, Montserrat – Breast cancer is a common cause of death worldwide, including the Caribbean, and this has caused grief to many families. However, experts say, this does not have to be so. According to Clinical Specialist Sonographer and Mammographer, Sonia Charles, techniques like breast self examination, clinical breast exam (performed by a doctor or nurse) and screening mammogram can save lives by detecting cancer at a very early stage where it can be successfully treated, thus adding worthwhile years to life.
Ms Charles and her diagnostic imaging company Caribscan have been the driving force in a voluntary fundraising drive to give women in Montserrat the opportunity of having free screening mammograms at the Belmont Clinic in neighbouring island Antigua.
What is a mammogram? It is a special X-ray of the breasts, which can detect many problems, from a simple lump to a possibly cancerous growth. The most modern and effective mammograms are called digital mammograms. Mammography is done using a special type of X-ray machine, however the purchase and maintenance of this equipment is out of range for many smaller territories. Continue reading