News for Tuesday June 14, 2016

Opposition MP is calling on the government for a plan to get out of the economic slump

Opposition Member of Parliament, Easton Farrel Taylor

An Opposition Member of Parliament is calling on the government to outline a clear economic plan to get the island out of its prolonged economic slump.

Easton Farrell Taylor said such a plan should be based on a vision for Montserrat for the next 15 to 20 years.

The former minister of agriculture believes the current PDM administration missed a trick when it failed to continue the previous government’s plan to use the development of Little Bay as the economic driver for the economy.

A Montserratian gynaecologist has been included on the queen’s birthday honours list

Photo by:
Photo by:

Dr. Lanval Daley, who is a former student of the Montserrat secondary School, has been awarded the member of the British Empire MBE medal.

The announcement was made in Canada where Dr. Daley works and lives.

He receives his award for services to the People of Montserrat through the Montserrat Visiting Consultants Programme.

Honourable Minister Paul Lewis, aback by DFID’s withdraw the contingency funds

Paul Lewis
Minister of Communications, Works, Labour and Energy, Paul Lewis

The Honourable Minister of Communications, Works, Labour and Energy, Paul Lewis , said he is taken aback by such a decision considering the island’s  vulnerabilities.

He feels the contingency fund has its place and should be maintained

Mr. Lewis said in the absence of the fund he is hoping that in the event that a situation arises DFID will have some measures in place for monies to be released to deal with such an eventuality.

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News for Friday June 10, 2016

Montserrat receives aid to strengthen child abuse response

The government of Montserrat is being assisted by the United Kingdom in strengthening its response to child abuse on Montserrat.

Head of the Child Safeguarding Unit at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Allan Penrith spent last week on island for this purpose.

Mr. Penrith who met with various stakeholders including the media says there are a lot of concern about child abuse in the United Kingdom.

Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday parade

13416742_1061899050514481_2651174350362153864_oUnits from the Antigua and Barbuda and the St. Christopher and Nevis armed forces will be part of a grand parade on Monday to mark Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Parade Commander Captain Peter W. A. White says the parade this year would be bigger than normal as it would include armed guards from the Skitts & Nevis Defence Force and the Antigua Defence Force.

They along with the Royal Montserrat Defence Force, the Royal Montserrat Police Service and the MSS Cadet Corps will form part of the honour guard.

Montserrat represented at the Commonwealth ICT Ministers Forum 2016

Paul Lewis
Minister of Communications , Paul Lewis

The Honourable Minister of Communications will represent Montserrat at the Commonwealth ICT Ministers Forum 2016 in the United Kingdom later this month.

Paul Lewis will be attending the June 14th to 16 forum in London which will highlight the importance of broadband for socio-economic development.

The key objectives of the Commonwealth ICT Minister Forum 2016 include the establishment of a network with international stakeholders – policymakers, regulators and private sector, discussion, and discussion on the future of mobile technologies and applications.

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News for Thursday June 9, 2016

Environment Minister says the removal of beach sand is not damaging the environment

claude hogan
Minister of Environment, Claude Hogan

Claude Hogan insists that the removal of beach sand from Foxes Bay is not damaging the environment.

Minister Hogan’s most recent comment follows continued public uproar over the action, which some environmentalists and politicians are calling environmental degradation.

Former Premier Rueben Meade also criticized the government’s decision, arguing that the sand removal is being done for exportation purposes.

Seven new officers have joined the Royal Montserrat Police Service RMPS.

13415471_1062351507135902_4424275604492111386_oThe officers, six from St. Vincent and one from Dominica were sworn in as police constables by Commissioner of Police Steve Foster on June 1st.

The officers are expected to engage in a series of training for recruits.

The exercise which commences on June 14th will be the 8th recruitment training to be conducted locally.

New program to the renovate school buildings and sporting facilities

Permanent Secretary of Education, Phillip Chambers

The Ministry of Education has announced a programme to renovate school buildings and sporting facilities.

Permanent Secretary Phillip Chambers says among the facilities due for an upgrade are Salem Park and the Multi Purpose Sports Complex in Little Bay.

Mr. Chambers says some of the repairs to schools are urgent and that the ministry will be utilizing all the funds available to ensure they are completed this year.

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News for Wednesday June 8, 2016

End of the Indian High Commissioner to the Eastern Caribbean 3rd visit to the island

Photo by:

The Indian High Commissioner to the Eastern Caribbean has wrapped up his third visit to Montserrat.

During his June 6th to 8th stopover here, His Excellency Gauri Shankar Gupta paid courtesy calls on Her Excellency the Governor Elizabeth Carriere, and the Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo and his Cabinet.

In an interview with ZJB News, The Indian High Commissioner said he had fruitful discussions with the government in a number of areas including the possibility of further cooperation

Former Government Ministers says the lack of a ferry service is crucial to the economy

Deputy Premier Charles kirnon
Former Government Minister, Charles Kirnon

A former Government Minister said that the re-introduction of a ferry service is crucial to the economy of Montserrat.

Charles Kirnon, who was minister of communications and works in the last administration, says the ferry service, which was suspended in March this year, provides a crucial service by facilitating cargo and the movement of passengers.

He called on the decision makers in government to weigh carefully the contribution the ferry makes to Montserrat’s development.

Statement on the School Admission Policy

The Ministry of Education has issued a statement that emphasizes the Schools Admission Policy for the enrollment of students in the island’s schools.

It came in light of a recent development where the population of the Brades Primary School has been growing in recent years and has been placing increasing stress on the capacity of the school in terms of space and furniture.

The Ministry of Education says the public school system has been organized into 2 catchment areas where children who live north of Carr’s Bay attend the Look Out primary School and those who live south of the Carr’s Bay including Baker Hill and parts of Barzey’s attend the Brades Primary School as is clearly outlined in the Schools Admission Policy

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News for Tuesday June 7, 2016

BOM has lauded efforts to join the banks in the banks in the Currency Union

Chairman of the board of chairman, Venita Cabey

One of Montserrat’s leading financial institutions has lauded efforts to amalgamate the indigenous banks in the Currency Union.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Venita Cabey says bank of Montserrat stands to benefit from the integration of the banks that operate in the OECS.

She says it would reduce cost, and centralize marketing and promotion, risk management and human resources training.

Montserrat should be concerned if the UK leaves the EU

claude hogan 2
Minister of Trade, Claude Hogan

Montserrat’s Minister of Trade says there should be concern among Montserrat and other Overseas Territories if the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union.

Claude Hogan, who has a degree in political science, says Montserrat is unlikely ‎to be immediately affected any more than its CARICOM neighbours.

This is so, he says, as the island enjoys an Economic Partnership Agreement EPA, which is equivalent to the accord between CARICOM and the EU.

The Government is concerned about the impact of the ferry’s absence

David Trixie Duberry
Access Coordinator, David Duberry

Access Coordinator David Duberry says the government is concerned about the negative impact the absence of a ferry service is having on the islands’ economy.

Duberry acknowledges that there has been a general slowdown in economic activity since the ferry ceased operations in April this year.

He says small businesses are crying out as a result of this downturn.

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News for Monday 6th June, 2016

Newly launched IWF reporting portal

Acting Superintendent (RMPS), Courtney Rodney

Acting Superintendent in the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS), Courtney Rodney, has been explaining the operations of the newly-launched Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) reporting Portal.

It allows web uses to report images and videos of child sexual abuse safely and anonymously.

In an historic announcement last Wednesday Montserrat launched its dedicated  Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) Reporting Portal.

Minister praise CARICOM warning system

claude hogan
Honourable Minister of Trade, Claude Hogan

The Honourable Minister of Trade Claude Hogan has lauded CARICOM’s consumer protection warning system.

Speaking at the opening of a training program on the Caricom Rapid Alert System for International Exchange on Dangerous Goods CARREX, Minister Hogan said the system will benefit the business community here.

CARREX is part of a Caricom Secretariat project, funded by the European Union, and is intended to boost consumer protection and improve the quality of products entering and trading on the regional market.

Collins Ghaut road upgrade

Excavation work has started for the rehabilitation of the road which has been compromised following the collapse of a retaining wall in the area.

ZJB News was on site Monday to witness the preparatory works in progress.

Chief engineer within the Public Works Department Rawlson Patterson spoke about the scope of works over the duration of the project.

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News for Friday 3rd June, 2016

Ferry Service on hold

David Trixie Duberry
Access Coordinator David Duberry

The resumption of ferry operations here has been on hold.

The government of Montserrat has indicated that an extended evaluation of the bids for supplying the service has ruled out the June 7th deadline for the restart…as was first suggested.

In an interview with ZJB News, Access Coordinator David Duberry said having a ferry in place is contingent on them completing the evaluation process next week.

No illegal activity in the Exclusion Zone

HMS Lancaster
HMS Mersey

No illegal activity was detected after a patrol of the exclusion zone by the HMS Mersey this week.

The ship facilitated a border patrol exercise on two occasions, the first on Monday and again on Wednesday.

The Royal Montserrat Police Service Officers were assisted by the Royal Montserrat Defence Force and customs officials.

Appointment of new Financial Secretary for Montserrat

Photo by:
Photo by:

Her Excellency the governor Elizabeth Carriere has announced the official appointment of the new financial secretary for Montserrat.

Governor Carrier said Briton Colin Owen has formally accepted the offer from the Human Resources Unit.

This followed the an announcement in April of the successful candidate.

News for Thursday June 2nd, 2016

MCAP wants to file class action lawsuit against RBC

MCAP leader Rueben T Meade

The political grouping, the Movement for Change and Prosperity MCAP has signaled its intention to bring a class action lawsuit against the Royal Bank of Canada.

The Party’s leader Rueben Meade says the suit will be filed on behalf of the depositors affected by the banks $25.00 monthly fee increase on savings accounts.

Mr. Meade wants the court to determine whether or not the bank was fair in the adjustment of its rates.

Good news for persons who use the Collins Ghaut road

The Honourable Minister with responsibility for works, Paul Lewis, says negotiations have been completed with the land owners for cutting into the embankment to widen the road to allow for safe vehicular passage to and from the area.

The Collins Ghaut road has been compromised because of the recent collapse of the retaining wall which forced the temporary closure of the road.

Foster promoted to the rank of Lieutenant

RMDF Lieutenant Glenroy Foster

The Royal Montserrat Defence Force has announced the promotion of Glenroy Foster to the rank of Lieutenant.

Glenroy Foster was honoured with the promotion from his previous post of 2nd Lieutenant.

He joined the MSS Cadet Corp in 2000 where he gradually obtained numerous positions, one of which was the title of Cadet Sergeant Major.

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News for Wednesday June 1, 2016

HMS Mersey ready to assist Montserrat this Hurricane season
Photo by:

The 9th Commanding Officer of HMS Mersey has said that the River Class Offshore Patrol Vessel has the capacity to assist Montserrat and other British Overseas Territories (OTs) if required during this the 2016 hurricane season.

Lieutenant Commander Richard Hewitt made the announcement during at press brief at the Governor’s Office early Wednesday.

Lieutenant Commander Hewitt revealed that HMS Mersey, deployed on Atlantic Patrol Task (north) until July, is ideally suited for boarding operations and if required, humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

DMCA head says storms are not the only threats this hurricane season

Billy Darroux
DMCA Director Billy Darroux

Head of Disaster Management on Montserrat is advising residents to use Dominica as an example that storms and hurricanes are not the only threats this hurricane season.

Billy Darroux said the impact of Tropical Erica on the nature isle has shown that property can be destroyed and economic development severely impacted by heavy rain.

His recommendation therefore, is for residents to prepare for all events.

Local Physicist says education system doesn’t meet the needs of the island

samuel joseph
Dr. Samuel Joseph

A local physicist does not believe the education system in Montserrat meets the short term or long term needs of Montserrat.

Dr. Samuel Joseph explains that the purpose of education is to academically and morally train people to function in a society.

However, he says there is a lack of recognition by education planners of the need to prepare students to function in a globalized society.

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News for Tuesday May 31, 2016

MNT excited about new discovery

PetrogylphThe Montserrat National Trust says it is very excited about the discovery of petroglyphs markings on Montserrat.

The markings, believed to be made by Amerindians, the first known people of Montserrat, were found by Shirley Osborne and Vaughn Barzey during a hike in Soldier Ghaut earlier this year.

President of the National Trust Sarita Francis says a number of archeologists, including the curator for the Antigua National Parks and Museum Dr. Reg Murphy have confirmed that the markings are authentic, and were made more 12 hundred years ago.

Geothermal Forum opens doors to funding opportunities

A Civil Engineer within the Public Works Department says his recent his participation in a regional geothermal forum has exposed him to the funding sources that Montserrat can tap into.
Felix Persaud said the meeting opened his eyes to the various opportunities for collaboration with other OECS and CARICOM member states.
Seven out of the ten member states of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States are pursuing geothermal production.
Persaud said as a result, Montserrat will be able to create synergies, and gain access to resources and technical expertise.

MVO Director says the drilling of the third geothermal well is safe

Rod StewartThe lead scientist at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory has explained that the drilling of the third geothermal exploration well is safe.

Rod Stewart, who heads the volcano monitoring facility says with drilling expected to start in August there are no concerns on its effects on the volcano.

He says models suggest that the drilling would tap the hottest water 0.9 kilometers below the surface.