The Cultural Show

Rose Willock and Vereen Woolcock host The Cultural Show each Saturday morning from 8am until 10am. There is always a lively discussion about local happenings and interviews you are sure to learn a lot from..

2 Replies to “The Cultural Show”

  1. Hey rose how is everyone on montserrat doing? You may remember me comeing on the show to speak to you in november last year. Im always thinking of the island and cannot wait to return! Hope your all doin well and if anyone wants to offer me a job gat in touch 😉

  2. Rose Willock has been an excellent role model for many Montserratians over the years including myself. Your passion for positivity, culture and sharing of knowledge has been fever pitchinly contagious (credit sheila). You knew you were good at what you do and constantly encouraged one and all to be the best they can. I am one and I see manifested in many more since. If you can. Tap yourself on the back, well done. God bless

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