Likkle Lenny


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  1. i called into your show a few times from my home in lancaster cailfornia. i always tell you “no call mi name”.
    i always thought that “likkle” was a play on words. i pictured a really big guy.
    all the staff and shows on zjb are really great, but your time slot is the one thats most suitable for me when i can sit down and listen or get up and dance.
    thanks to zjb for the very pleasureable work that’s been done.

  2. I was born in Montserrat and now living in the USA. I listen to Radio Montserrat from the time I come work till I leave at 5:00pm. I just want to say that the best Show is from 2-6, with Likkle Lenny. Please keep up the good work and know that listening to Radio Montserrat 6 days a week keeps me in touch with my home sweet home (credit williams). I will never forget Montserrat. I will always love that place.

  3. my name is Nia C, im sure you would join with me when i say Likkle Lenny is altimately the best on Radio ZJB . clear concise And de gyal dem think he is sexy
    Soca on my youth more love, more life, more music.

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