Basil Chambers

Basil Chambers hosts The Breakfast Show Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 10am with one goal in mind, getting listeners to start their day right.

“I look forward to coming in every day and helping my people get going,” says Basil.

Basil is a stickler for manners, so don’t forget to wish him and listeners good morning when you call in to make a request or for the Birthday Circle at 6:50am.


Videos of Basil in the ZJB Studios

(credit williams).

9 Replies to “Basil Chambers”

  1. I am very impressed with the joined-up thinking related to the Spirit of Montserrat site, and how we are able to surf from one area to another.

    Last year I had suggested to Jonny Bugs, Basil and Herman that a method should be provided to allow listeners of ZJB to be able to communicate with the host or presenter in realtime via the internet. This could be via Facebook, or the chat line as you have done.

    I hope that this can be promoted and encouraged.

    Well Done

    Wayne Greenway

  2. Greetings, well the world just got a little smaller, with us island people able to link up with family and friends through the spirit of Montserrat web site and the internet,nice one, godbless. Yatta.

  3. This is really a big improvement and it just shows that MNI is keeping up with all current trends… Keep it up!!!

  4. I am loving this new design. I like being able to chat with the on air personality. It will also be great when we can watch them as well especially during the holiday seasons and when they are doing live broadcast/interviews (credit williams). Loving it in Boston. Keep up the good work. You make me Proud.

  5. Just wanted to say HI Basil! It was great meeting the man behind the voice while we were in Montserrat.. We’re already planning our next visit. Please say Hi to John for us!
    God Bless.

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