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Sweeney’s, Montserrat


1 (664) 491-2885 (Main Office)

1 (664) 491-7227 (Studio)

1 (664) 491-7242 (News Room)


1 (664) 491-9250




Facebook: ZJB-Spirit of Montserrat


12 Replies to “Contact Us”

  1. Dear friend.
    I am your listener. I hear the station online.
    I would appreciate if possible send me by mail a little reminder that the station could be a simple patch, which make me very happy and grateful.
    Being the only to now, I bid you farewell now . We thank you.
    A big hug.
    My address is:
    81320-100 CURITIBA- PARANÁ
    B R A Z I L

  2. I am trying to find a friend called joan how worked at a radio station in monserrat but fled when the volcano erputed and came to work in preston in 1997-1999.

    laura edgar

  3. Hello,

    I work for a media agency in Puerto Rico. My client Home Depot wants to start advertising on your island. We need your media-kit and your station description so we can schedule a radio buy. Awaiting this information ASAP as late as Friday.

    Thank You,

    Gustavo Perez

  4. We we eagerly awaiting the Meeting of the Minds show of the 27th of July. What EXACTLY were the technical difficulties that prohibited your station to air the show!??? It seems very queer that the topic, which is such a “pain in the tush” of the government, was mysteriously voided from the air!!! I have listened to this station for years, but I was shocked that the station decided not to air this episode, thereby depriving the citizens of Montserrat the knowledge of what was said and alternative views being expressed! Should they be afraid of an alternate viewpoint????? I’m as curious as many of your listeners are??
    Sheila and Ed Berger

  5. I’m in Minnesota U.S.A. and i listen to you nearly daily as does my son in Wisconsin U.S.A. Can you give a big “hello shout” to Bob Stigsell in wisconsin,,,thanks, also can you play a little more Bob Marley, we love his music ,, Thanks we love Montserrat…Tom

  6. I heard you sending a shoutout to St Thomas earlier, do you have any music from St Thomas Carnival 2012?
    Their carnival was great looking forward to celebrating our 50th in Dec.

  7. Hi guys,

    Its good to be able to connect with you and to receive information on whats taking place on our little island. However, I would really appreciate if you can please encourage our people who have try to establish themselves through religious music by playing their songs more often so they can gain a measure of popularity like the calypsonians as not everyone is into calypso music.

    Thank you and God bless you all


  8. New listener to your station all the way from Mississippi Delta! Can you belive that? Luv, Luv, Luv your station! Really lifts my spirits and makes me happy listening to caribbean music and your local happenings and events. I have been to BVI but would love to see your country one day!

  9. I have heard this evening the live debate with the opporsition leader.
    It would seem from his position, that the governemnt of the Island should do a tourism marketing program accross the US and Europe, so to attract oversee’s tourism and future business opportunity for the Islanders. I am interested to know more on how this could be established, for the US market. Please contact me with any thoughts.

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