Economic Roadmap must be adjusted to more realistic and achievable goals, says DFID Budget Team

BRADES, Montserrat – The Government of Montserrat (GoM) has been requested by the Department for International Development (DFID) to adjust its economic roadmap and bring it into more realistic and achievable goals. This was announced Monday by head of the DFID Mid-Year Review Team and Programme Manager for Montserrat Karen McGeough during a press conference.

McGeough said the series of projections set out by the MCAP Government in its 2009 Economic Roadmap “needed to be revised to reflect the changed economic landscape. GoM has agreed to revisit the roadmap as a matter of urgency, including setting out measures that are both realistic and achievable and have a clear link to macroeconomic performance. This is critical in relation to the UK’s offer of a strategic investment package to generate economic growth and a reduced dependence on UK financial aid in the medium term.”

DFID was represented by Karen McGeough, Economic Adviser Rick Erlebach, Governance Adviser Drew Tetlow and Private Sector Adviser and in-country representative Kato Kimbugwe. A Representative of the EU Delegation based in Barbados, Travis Mitchell, also participated in the mission. The team met with Financial Secretary Hon. John Skerritt, Budget Director Lindorna Brade, Maureen Angela Estwick from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and Deputy Governor Sarita Francis. Continue reading “Economic Roadmap must be adjusted to more realistic and achievable goals, says DFID Budget Team”

Chief Minister Meade attending IMF World Bank Meetings this week

BRADES, Montserrat –Chief Minister, the Honourable Reuben T. Meade is in Washington, D.C. this week to attend and participate in the annual meetings of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF).
The chief minister was invited to attend as he presently serves as Chairman of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) Monetary Council.
He said last week, the substantive fiscal issues facing the ECCU, and the fact that several member countries in the ECCU have arrangements with the IMF made it an important time to attend the DC meetings. Continue reading “Chief Minister Meade attending IMF World Bank Meetings this week”

Montserrat’s new Constitutional Order comes into effect September 27, 2011

Editor Bennett Roach, His Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis, Chief Minister Hon. Reuben T. Meade

BRADES, Montserrat – Montserrat’s new Constitutional Order will come into effect on September 27, 2011.
According to His Excellency, the Governor Adrian Davis, plans are ongoing to commemorate the event. The governor will give remarks and swear in the relevant officials as would be necessary under the new order. These include the Premier and Deputy Premier, the Honourable Reuben T. Meade and Hon. Charles Kirnon respectively.
On the 28th, the first official sitting of the Legislative Assembly will be held at the Montserrat Cultural Centre to be followed by other cultural activities surrounding this momentous occasion. The general public will be invited to attend and be a part of the proceedings.
Governor Davis said Montserrat’s new Constitution Order reflects the desire of the United Kingdom to have a more progressive relationship with the Overseas Territories and speaks to good governance, more transparency and a means by which citizens can seek redress when necessary. Continue reading “Montserrat’s new Constitutional Order comes into effect September 27, 2011”

Compliance Certificate required to do business with Government

Chief Minister, The Honourable Reuben Meade

SWEENEY’s Montserrat -Persons wanting to do business with Government must have a compliance certificate indicating the status of their social security payments, Chief Minister, the Honourable Reuben Meade said.
He made the disclosure at the Social Security Fund’s 25th Anniversary Dinner and Awards ceremony on Saturday July 30th.

Continue reading “Compliance Certificate required to do business with Government”

Fin. Sec. Skerritt now Regional Debt Coordination Committee chair

BRADES, Montserrat – The Hon. John Skerritt, Financial Secretary for the Government of Montserrat this month assumes chairmanship of the Regional Debt Coordination Committee (RDCC).

The RDCC was established by the Eastern Caribbean Currency Council on the 25th of October 1996 to facilitate the development and be responsible for the oversight of the operations of an integrated Regional Government Securities Market. This, the RDCC is to accomplish through harmonising the objectives, policies, procedures and rules, which seek to promote the efficient functioning of the market and enhance the overall debt management capabilities of the respective governments.

The main duties of the Chair are to:
1. Provide guidance in the area of policy to the Committee and the Secretariat;
2. Present reports to the Monetary Council on behalf of the RDCC;
3. Act as spokesperson for the Committee; Continue reading “Fin. Sec. Skerritt now Regional Debt Coordination Committee chair”