News for Friday January 8, 2016

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 $12,700 dollars in revenue collected by the Police in December through the issuing of temporary drivers license

The Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) collected $12,700 dollars in revenue in December through the issuing of temporary drivers license.

According to data collected by the Police, five thousand six hundred and fifty dollars ($5650) were collected at the Brades Police Station, four thousand two hundred dollars ($4200) at the Salem Police Station and two thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars ($2850) at the Airport.

During the period, December 1st to December 31st last year 254 visitors received temporary drivers license.


“Soufriere Hills Volcano in a state of internal unrest” says scientific assessment

The Soufriere Hills Volcano is said to be in a state of internal unrest.

In its most recent assessment of the volcano, the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) said as a result of the unrest, lava extrusion was still likely.

As Director of the Montserrat Volcano Observatory MVO Rod Stewart explains internal unrest means that there’s still ongoing activity beneath the surface of the volcano.


‘Speeding’ a contributing factor for most of the traffic accidents here


Speeding has been identified as the contributing factor for most of the traffic accidents here.

This was highlighted by Police Constable Jackie Campbell while commenting on the 2015 Traffic statistics.

The number of reported traffic accident for 2015 stood at 125—29 more accidents than the 96 recorded in 2014.


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News for Thursday January 7, 2016

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Montserrat received public acclaim from two travel writers

Montserrat has received public acclaim from two travel writers who visited the island recently.

In an article published in news magazine Caribbean Journal on Wednesday, Travel Editor Sarah Greaves Gabbadon said Montserrat feels as if it’s on the brink of an upswing.

The reason, she said, is due to the inaugural port calls from Windstar Cruises in December and the fact that the island is reorganizing its marketing efforts to reclaim its pushpin on the Caribbean tourist map.


A recorded increase in traffic accidents compared to the same period last year

There was an increase in the number of traffic accidents in 2015 when compared to the previous year.

This, according to figures provided by the traffic division within the Royal Montserrat Police Service RMPS.

There were 125 accidents recorded last year, 29 more accidents than the 96 recorded in 2014.


Montserrat Arts Council to hold festival review meeting

The Montserrat Arts Council MAC  will hold a review of the 2015 Festival next Wednesday.

MAC said the meeting is not open to the public, but will consist of heads of the various festival sub committees, Government ministers and other invited stakeholders.

The meetings purpose, MAC explained, is to assess the recently concluded year end festival and allow the stakeholders to suggest recommendations for future festivals.

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News for Wednesday January 6, 2016

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The Montserrat Arts Council reveals plans for the 2016 year-end festival


Having a condensed and better produced Festival are two plans revealed by the Montserrat Arts Council for the 2016 production of the year end cultural celebration.

This has been disclosed by Director of Montserrat Arts Council Chad Cumberbatch.

Mr. Cumberbatch said these and other measures would be implemented to improve the overall standard of the festival.


Government of Montserrat explores ways to deepen its relationship with the diaspora

The  Government  of Montserrat is exploring different ways to intensify and deepen the relationship among Montserratians at home and in the diaspora.

To this end, the main organizer of the activities marking the 20th anniversary of the eruption of the Soufriere Hills Volcano, said  a series of radio discussions will be coming on stream shortly for this purpose.

Shirley Osborne said the idea is to capitalize on the skills of Montserratians for contributing to the island’s redevelopment.


The Honourable Parliamentary Secretary with responsibility for culture and festivals has reiterated his earlier call for the pooling of Montserrat’s festivals

The Honourable Parliamentary Secretary with responsibility for culture and festivals is reiterating his earlier call for the pooling of Montserrat’s festivals into a structured calendar of events for any given year.

Gregory Willock repeated his call on the Breakfast Show Wednesday where he was part of a panel discussing the just-concluded 2015 year-end festival.

Mr. Willock said it was high time that people understand that the main objective is to create products out of what the island has to offer by selling Montserrat’s culture through organized festival events.

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News for Tuesday January 5, 2016

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The Governor wants to see a concrete strategy developed which is aimed at propelling the economy towards a path of self sufficiency

Her Excellency the Governor, Elizabeth Carrier said a concrete strategy aimed at propelling the economy towards a path of self sufficiency will be developed.

Ms. Carrier mentions this as one of the areas she hopes to see finalized this year.

The island’s Governor also said they will engage in a new agreement with the UK Government, which will implement a realistic approach to tourism among other things.


The Energy Minister rules out using ‘waste’ as a possible source of energy

Minister responsible for Energy Paul Lewis has ruled out waste as a possible source of energy, but he said the island does not generate enough to make it feasible.

Mr. Lewis emphasized that for this to happen Montserrat would have to import waste which goes against its aim of promoting a green environment.

The priority he said, is to develop geothermal energy, supplemented by solar energy.


“Montserrat has changed”says panelist at Diaspora Forum

Montserrat has changed… perhaps forever.

That is the view of Peter White, who was a member of the panel at the recently held diaspora consultation.

Mr. White said the changes in the makeup of the community is a result of migration, resulting from the onset of the volcanic crisis more than twenty years ago.

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News for Monday January 4, 2016

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Delta Petroleum confirms regular gasoline shortage but indicates adequate stocks of premium product

Source: Drive Time-Radio Program facebook page

The general manager of Delta Petroleum Montserrat Limited has confirmed that there is a shortage of regular gasoline on island.

However, Roslyn Cassell-Sealy has  allayed the fears of the motoring public by indicating that there is an abundance of premium gasoline available.

She was responding to concerns raised by members of the motoring public about a shortage of the product here.


Montserrat’s fisheries Minister anticipates a reduction in fish imports with the introduction of project to assist fishermen


The Honourable Minister of Agriculture is hopeful that a project to encourage proper fishing practices here will eventually result in a reduction in fish imports.

In an interview with ZJB News, Claude Hogan spoke about some of the positive impacts the project is likely to have on the beneficiaries and the fishing industry in general.

Under the project, 25 fishermen will receive fishing equipment and gears, to include, wires, nets and hooks among other items.


Miss Montserrat 2015/2016 Tabeanna Tuitt confirms her participation in regional pageants

Miss Montserrat 2015/2016 has confirmed that her preparations for upcoming regional competitions including the Jaycees Caribbean Queen Show will begin next week.

Tabeanna Tuitt gave this assurance in a interview on the Breakfast Show Monday morning.



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Morning News for Monday January 4, 2016

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An official at MAC says the draft 2016 festival programme to be published within the next 7 days

An official within the office responsible for planning Montserrat’s year end festival says a draft program of activities for Festival 2016 will be published next week.

Head of Planning and Production at the Montserrat Arts Council Kenneth Silcott gave this commitment during the closing of festival 2015 on January 1st


A psychologist says the needs of boys within the school system are not being met

The government’s schools psychologist has expressed concern that the needs of boys in the school system are not being met.

Dr. Shirley Kelly, raised the issue during a recent edition of the radio programme Education Talks.

She was echoing the concerns expressed by the director of education Glen Francis, who has deplored the absence of male teachers in the schools.


Government intends to pass several pieces of legislation to increase the protection of children


Montserrat’s Minister for Social Services Delmaude Ryan said child safeguarding is still a high priority for the Government of Montserrat.

She added that government intends to pass several pieces of legislation aimed at increasing the protection of children from molestation and abuse.

Mrs. Ryan noted that these plans are fully funded by DFID and have the support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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News for Wednesday December 30, 2015

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‘Cosmetology’ among the non-academic courses to be offered at the local College

The Montserrat Community College (MCC) will be offering a number of non-academic courses next year.

Principal of the Montserrat Community College (MCC), Dr. Clarice Barnes announced that the learning institution will be offering a course in cosmetology and Introduction to building and construction.

Dr. Barnes was speaking at the colleges 2015 graduation exercise.


A new Calypso Monarch to be crowned tonight

Ten calypsonians will compete for the 2015 Calypso Monarch title in the 2 part competition tonight.

Calypso Finals will start at 8p.m. at Festival Village.

Each calypsonian will be required to perform two songs in the competition which is guaranteed to produce a new Monarch—following reigning Calypso Monarch, De Bear’s decision to not defend his crown here.


A member of Parliament wants more focus to be place on Secondary School children

An independent member of parliament here is asking for more focus to be placed on students attending the Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) in the new year and beyond.

The Honourable Dr. Ingrid Buffonge has expressed concern that these students and especially the under-performers risk being left behind.

Dr. Buffonge contends that there must be a way to increase the focus on these students.

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News for Tuesday December 29, 2015

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Montserrat’s Governor takes a swipe at the indiscriminate dumping of garbage on island

Her Excellency the Governor has voiced her displeasure at the wanton disposal of garbage by some persons here.

Elizabeth Carriere said she has seen evidence of this disregard for the environment during her travels around the island.

However, she acknowledged that there are efforts by organizations and individuals to keep the island clean.


The Premier urges nationals to focus on the positives about the island

Montserrat’s leader is appealing to Montserratians to get rid of the crab in a barrel mentality.

In a rallying cry to Montserratians Premier Donaldson    Romeo said it is time to put away all the negatives and    focus on what is positive about Montserrat.

He was speaking at the recent Diaspora consultations, called to encourage returning Montserratians to contribute to the development of the island.


Residents express dissatisfaction with the lack of local music at St. John’s day

A Montserratian living in the Diaspora said he’s disappointed by the noticeable absence of local music during one of the island’s largest village celebrations….St. John’s Day.

Owen Roach shared this sentiment on Radio Montserrat’s Breakfast show Tuesday morning.

Mr. Roach holds the view that events that are held during the festival period should be used to promote Montserrat’s culture.

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Morning News for Tuesday December 29, 2015

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Vue Pointe Hotel project to benefit economy


The new Vue Pointe Hotel project is expected to result in a number of benefits for the economy.

The honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo said construction jobs and long term employment opportunities are some of the expected outcomes of the project.

The Vue Pointe Hotel is the first recipient of assistance under the Tourism Accommodation Fund.


The island’s Governor pleased with several achievements for 2015

As 2015 nears to a close, her Excellency the Governor Elizabeth Carriere has highlighted several accomplishments made on various levels here.

Some of the areas, which the Governor is satisfied with are the ‘new approach to partnership between the Governor and the Premier and the strengthening of Montserrat’s ability to protect its children.

Her Excellency the Governor made the remarks while delivering her Christmas Message to the nation.


A sanitation company manager appeals for litter wardens

Manager of Diamond Services is making a strong appeal for the authorities to appoint litter wardens to ensure the environment is kept clean.

Austin Howe made the call while speaking on the ‘Talking Health’ Radio programme.

Mr. Howe  was discussing issues surrounding solid waste management here.

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News Wednesday December 23, 2015

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A opposition Parliamentarian chides Government for delaying its support for the New Harmonized Banking Bill

Honourable opposition member of Parliament Easton Taylor Farrell said he was taken aback by the government’s decision to delay its support for the new harmonized OECS Banking Bill

The banking bill was eventually passed Tuesday during the latest sitting of the Legislative Assembly.

Mr. Taylor Farrell said support for the legislation would only ensure that banks behave in a manner to protect depositors interests.


The first food bank initiative for Montserrat established

An historic initiative by the Shiloh Assemblies in London, United Kingdom is set to ensure vulnerable residents on Montserrat enjoy the cheer of Christmas.

The first Food Bank for Montserrat was opened at Edith’s Enterprises Awee Shopping Centre Tuesday.

The programme is designed to assist vulnerable residents with food items for the Christmas season.


Police appeals to motorists to be vigilant when driving on the islands roads

The Police is appealing to motorists to be vigilant when driving on the islands roads.

Commissioner of Police Steve Foster is issuing this advice following an increase in the number of single vehicle accidents.

Information received from the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) indicates that there have been 6 single car accidents so far this month.

This figure is 1 more than the total recorded December 2014 which had 5 single car accidents.


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