Premier Romeo on budget and DfID negotiations

Romeo parliament The Hon. Premier and Min. of Finance and Economic Development and Tourism, cialis generic Donaldson Romeo has been detailing his government’s cialis prices budgetary and developmental priorities. The Government of Montserrat is meeting this week with a delegation from the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) on the British territory’s 2015-2016 budget and other funding issues. Listen to Premier Romeo, speaking in the Montserrat Legislative Council on Friday January 23rd, ahead of the DfID talks, outlining the challenges being faced and strategies being adopted by his new administration. Premier Romeo’s People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) government won the September 2014 general election by a 7-2 margin over the then-incumbent Movement for Change and Prosperity led by former Premier Reuben Meade. Mr Meade is generic abiligy now the Leader of the Opposition.

Harvey Edgecombe: Firm about Montserrat’s future

harvey edgecombe 2

Property developer and investor Harvey Edgecombe has a firm belief in Montserrat’s future.
Montserratian Mr Edgecome who is based in London has been looking into the development prospects and investor interest across a number of possibilities for the island.
In an interview with Mike Jarvis, conducted recently in London, he analyses the opportunities and challenges facing Montserrat twenty years after the Soufriere Hills volcano started erupting.
Activity at the Soufriere Hills volcano has subsided considerably in recent years.
In that context Mr Edgecombe feels that a new, locally charted and led, development roadmap is now required for the island.
He questions the British government’s post-emergency policy approach to Montserrat, appeals directly to Montserratians across the political divide to put their differences aside following last year’s hotly contested election, and strongly advocates a structured outreach to Montserrat’s diaspora.