Montserrat listed as an example of waste by DFID in Times newspaper article

Secretary of State for International Development in the UK Priti Patel

Montserrat has been listed as an example of waste by the Department for International Development in a Times newspaper article.

The article published on July 16th is entitled Priti Patel has a chance to end wasteful  targets in British overeas aid, was published on July 16.

It refers to the recent appoint of Patel as minister for Dfid.

The paper described as troubling the 285 million pounds spent on an airport in St. Helena and the 400 million pounds sent to Montserrat despite what it says are abundant warnings of bribery and nepotism.

The money ostensibly was to help Montserrat recover from the volcanic eruptions which began in 1995.

However, the Times newspaper states that these large scale amounts, disbursed over a period of 21 years are “imperfectly audited for effectiveness or corruption”.

Overall, British aid spending has doubled to 12.1 billion pounds since 2008.

The newspaper revealed that at the same time tax payers have struggled with austerity and many departments have absorbed cuts of up to 40 per cent.