Legislative Assembly BREXIT debate Postponed

The Department of Legislature has postponed next Tuesday’s special sitting of the Legislative Assembly which was to have debated Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, or BREXIT.

It says with the Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo and Deputy Premier Delmaude Ryan set to attend the UK Overseas Territories Pre-Joint Ministerial Council Meeting in Turks and Caicos next week, there was not a guarantee that in their absence meaningful debate on the topic will ensue.

The July 20-21st meeting precedes the Joint Ministerial Conference slated for later this year in the UK.

Major political changes in the UK political system in recent days might have also swayed in favour of the postponement.

The Department of Legislature has rescheduled the debate to July 26th at the Montserrat Cultural Centre at 2:00pm

Added to the expected absence of the Honourable Premier and his deputy, the Honourable Leader of the Opposition Reuben Meade had indicated that he would not participate in the debate.

He too, had asked for a postponement, stating that there could not be any substantive debate without the leader of government business and his deputy on such an important issue.

The Honourable Speaker of the House Shirley Osborne said earlier that the meeting was arranged so that residents can learn more about the implications BREXIT will have for Montserrat.