Legislative Assembly BREXIT debate still on, despite expected absence by Premier


The Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo and Deputy Premier Delmaude Ryan will join other leaders of the Overseas Territories at the UK Overseas Territories Pre-Joint Ministerial Council Meeting in Turks and Caicos next week.

The July 20-21st meeting precedes the Joint Ministerial Conference slated for later this year in the UK.

The Overseas Territories OT leaders will have frank discussions on matters of priority affecting the territories such as the UK OT’s relationship with the European Union post the UK referendum, the threat of the Zika Virus, child safeguarding, the environment, and the UK/Overseas Territories relationship.

The participation of the Premier and Deputy Premier at the Turks and Caicos meeting next week means that both officials will miss a BREXIT debate in the Legislative Assembly scheduled for Tuesday July 19th.

Speaker of the House Shirley Osborne says the meeting has been arranged so that residents can learn more about the implications BREXIT will have for Montserrat.

As a result of the Premier’s expected absence from the July 19 sitting, Leader of the Opposition Rueben Meade has indicated that he will not participate in the debate.

Meade said on his facebook page, that there cannot be any substantive debate without the Leader and Deputy Leader of government on such an important issue.

The Opposition leader suggested a postponement of the Legislative Sitting Assembly until the Premier and Deputy Premier returns.

However, ZJB News has received no indication that next Tuesday’s debate will be rescheduled.

The Speaker of the House on Wednesday informed our news team that her office is still making preparations for the discussion on July 19th.

Ms. Osborne says the sitting will convene at 2pm.

She says the regular business of the house will be conducted first.

According to the Speaker, the public will be invited to come to the Cultural Centre to listen to the BREXIT debate around 4pm.