News for Thursday June 30, 2016

The Appropriation Amendment of Schedule Bill 2016

Honourable Premier, Donaldson Romeo
Honourable Premier, Donaldson Romeo

The Appropriation Amendment of Schedule Bill 2016 has make its safe passage into law.

The Bill, which went through its three readings in Parliament Thursday, is an adjustment to the schedule of the March 2016 Appropriation Bill..

In introducing the Bill to Parliament, the Honourable Premier and Minister of Finance and Economic Management, Donaldson Romeo says it covers the shifting of the access Unit to the portfolio of the Premier.

Parliamentarian calling for openness, transparency and dialogue

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An independent ParliamentarianĀ  here is calling for more openness, transparency and dialogue when it comes to important issues.

Honourable member Dr. Ingrid Buffonge says too often people are being left in the dark on critical issues which affect their very survival.

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly Thursday, Dr. Buffonge touched on topical discussion areas to include BREXIT and the urgent need for a ferry for Montserrat.

Key government projects soon to come on stream to create employment

Paul Lewis
The Honourable Minister of works, Paul Lewis

The Honourable Minister of works has outlined a number of initiatives which he says will provide much-needed employment for persons on island or at least the next year or so.

Paul Lewis was responding to a question about what projects are in the pipeline in the next six to 12 months to provide gainful employment for persons here.

Minister Lewis started out with the five contracts for the Barzey’s Road Project, which comprise concrete road and drainage construction works.

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