News for Monday June 27, 2016

Antigua/Barbuda Airport tax waived

It is now official that the Antigua/Barbuda Airport tax has been waived.

The office of the Premier told ZJB News that a agreement has finally come from the Antigua/Barbuda Cabinet.

The Cabinet decision agreed that “the tax granted to passengers traveling between Antigua/Barbuda and Montserrat should be extended until the government of Montserrat procures a ferry.”

Montserrat and other Overseas Territories to be consulted before Britain leaves the EU

David Cameron has announced that all overseas territories, including Montserrat will be consulted as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union.

In a statement in the Commons on Monday, the British Prime Minister said the government must ensure that the interests of all parts of United Kingdom are protected and advanced as preparations are made for a new negotiation with the European Union.

He said apart from fully involving the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland governments, the British Government would also consult Gibraltar, the Crown Dependencies, and the Overseas Territories.

Montserrat was represented at the Conflict Management Skills & Labour Utilization Techniques workshop & PMAC Conference in Nevis

Montserrat’s Port Manager Joseph O’Garro and Port Superintendent George Green are back home after representing the island at a recent Conflict Management Skills & Labour Utilization Techniques workshop in Nevis.

The June 20th to the 21st workshop was aimed at developing competencies for the efficient integration and management of human resources to ensure the highest service level for users, employees and investors.

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