News for Friday June 24, 2016

Subsidiary arrangements for air travel have been extended through August

Press Release by the Office of the PremierThe wait for a ferry service has been pushed back even further with the Office of the  Premier announcing Friday that the subsidiary arrangements for air travel have been extended through August this year.

A release from the office of the Premier says the evaluation process for the acquisition of a ferry service between Montserrat and Antigua is still on-going, and as such the Government of Montserrat has sought to ensure that affordable and reliable air travel between Montserrat and Antigua is available.

Meat Exhibition and Tasting

Honourable Minister of Education, Delmaude Ryan, Honourable Parliamentary Secretary, Gregory Willock, Honourable Premier, Donaldson Romeo, Honourable Minister of Agriculture, Claude Hogan

The Ministry of Agriculture on Friday hosted a meat exhibition and tasting at the Abattoir in Brades with the Honourable Minister lauding the 3-million dollar investment in the facility as a “financial success.”

The Honourable minister Claude Hogan and other ministerial and Cabinet colleagues were among the audience at the Exhibition which featured special meat cutting demonstrations and meat products as well as a tasting corner.

Premier’s response to Britain to leave the European Union

Donaldson Romeo
Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo

The leader of government business on Montserrat has been responding to the historic decision by Britain to leave the European Union.

The shocking result 52%  to 48% signaled the clear intention of the British people to leave the European Union – representing a significant one-million 269-thousand 501 people.

This has also led to the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron who is scheduled to demit office in three months time.