News for Wednesday June 22, 2016

To leave the EU or to remain

Montserrat is watching with keen interest as UK voters decide on Thursday whether or not to stay in the European Union.

On Wednesday politicians were making their last pitch for votes on the final day of campaigning before the referendum.

David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn told rallies that a Remain vote in Thursday’s poll will mean the UK is safer and better off.

Montserrat to be the hub location for the ECIT

Clarice Barnes
Principal of the Montserrat Community College, Dr. Vernie Clarice Barnes

The Principal of the Montserrat Community College (MCC)was one of the heads of the leading tertiary training institutions from across the OECS who signed the dotted line earlier this week to launch the Eastern Caribbean  Institute of Tourism Education (ECIT).

Dr. Vernie Clarice Barnes was part of the signing ceremony which took place in St. Lucia on Monday.

The MCC is a part of the Network of Excellence of tourism and hospitality training and Education,  (NETHTE).

Women in Agriculture

More women are needed in the field of Agriculture in Montserrat

This is the conclusion of a report by the Caribbean Development Bank; the Montserrat Country Gender Assessment.

The report states that the agricultural industry constitutes a substantial percentage of Montserrat’s economic activity.

However, although it is identified as one of the national areas of focus for economic growth, the industry is heavily male-dominated with less than 20% female participation.

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