News for Tuesday June 21, 2016

Leader of the Opposition is calling for transparency with the ferry selection

Opposiion Leader, Rueben Meade
Opposition Leader, Rueben Meade
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Former Premier of Montserrat is calling for transparency in the selection process of the new Montserrat ferry.

The honourable Leader of the Opposition Reuben Meade is also calling on the Governor and the Premier to explain to the people of Montserrat and DFID what is happening with the ferry service.

The Government missed a June 7th deadline to have the ferry service up and running.

Plans are in the pipeline for the reconstruction of a new Youth Parliament

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Shirley Osborne
Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Shirley Osborne

The reconstruction of a new youth parliament on island is said to be in the planning and preparation stage.

The honourable speaker of the house, Shirley Osborne said that there have been some adjustments in order to have a successful youth parliament.

Osborne said that by having this youth parliament, she hopes to see a better Montserrat

Caution for workers at the third geothermal well

Civil Engineer at the public works department, Felix Persaud

Workers at the site of the third geothermal well in St. George’s Hill have been asked to observe strict safety measures while on the job.

Although no one has been seriously injured so far on the project, there has been one reported care of a minor incident which is currently under investigation.

Civil Engineer at the public works department Felix Persaud said that the just over 16 workers at the site have been divided into two contractors’ teams, drill pad and fencing, which will ensure that safety measures are adhered to.

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