News for Wednesday June 15,2016

A Political Activist attempts to raise  consciousness of residents

Chedmond Browne
Political Activist

A political activist here says even though Briton Colin Owen has been appointed to the post of Financial Secretary, he still feels that it is his duty to raise the consciousness of residents as to the intent of the move.

Chedmond Browne says to him this is a retrograde step which is designed to keep the colonial status on Montserrat.

He contends that such a move thwarts the efforts of Montserrat going forward to achieve any kind of autonomy.

The 2016 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment…CPEA…results are out.

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The St Augustine Primary School has produced the top five performing students.

A press release issued by the Ministry of Education on Wednesday stated that Montserrat averaged 341 points out of a possible 500.

The Ministry said this average is 10 points higher than the regional average.

Legends of Calypso to be hosted in Nevis next month

Local Promoter, Jermaine Wade
A local promoter has made a decision to take one of his shows to the regional stage.

Jermaine Wade of Fabulous Entertainment has revealed that he intends to host the Legends of Calypso show in Nevis next month.

Wade explained why the show which is usually a part of the local December festival will be hosted in Nevis this year.


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