News for Monday June 20, 2016

Post Disaster Needs Assessment Training Workshop is underway

A number of participants from key disaster response agencies here are getting the opportunities to share  and gain additional knowledge this week.

A four-day Post Disaster Needs Assessment Training Workshop is underway at the Police Headquarters training room in Brades.

Doctors Asha Kambon and Vincent Little are the facilitators for the training which has been organized by the Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA).

UK Overseas Territories angered by the UK’s silence

A UK Overseas Territories support group has chided the United Kingdom government for being silent on the negative impact a pullout of the EU would have on the territories.

Friends of the British Overseas Territories says it is unfortunate that the UK government has been decidedly silent on the potential effects and outcomes of an exit on the territories.

It has also expressed concern that there is no Plan B  for the future of the Overseas Territories in case Brexit happens.

The public is advised to not keep large amount of money at home

The Financial Crime and Analysis Unit (FCAU) is advising members of the public not to keep large amounts of cash at home or on their person.

The advice comes as some depositors decided to close their accounts at the Royal Bank of Canada, after the financial institution decided to introduce a 25 dollar fee on savings accounts.

The FCAU, a division of the Royal Montserrat Police Service, says persons who decide to closed their accounts at RBC should open a new one before withdrawing  or closing their accounts.

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