News for Friday June 17, 2016

Extension of Interim arrangements for access to Montserrat

The government of Montserrat has announced an extension of interim arrangements for air travel and cargo.

The previous interim arrangements for air travel and cargo expired on June 3rd, 2016.

A press release from the office of the Premier states that because the previous arrangements expired on June 3rd, the Government was left with little alternative but to arrange an extension to the service between Montserrat and Antigua.

PAHO helps with the creation of an infection manual for Montserrat

The Ministry of Health is getting assistance from the Pan American Health Organization to create an infection control manual.

PAHO consultant Dr. Corey Forde has been working with health care professionals this week to develop material for the manual.

He told ZJB News the manual was an important document, in light of plans to build a new hospital.

Top Light House Communitty Academy CPEA Student

Light house Community Academy’s top student, Dayeesha Greenaway

Light house Community Academy’s top student Dayeesha Greenaway says her educational success has just only begun.

In an interview with ZJB News Ms Greenaway says she aspires to continue excelling at her studies and intends to make her future alma mater proud.

She added that the route of her success was derived from her study mechanism which involved her family and teachers.

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