News for Wednesday June 1, 2016

HMS Mersey ready to assist Montserrat this Hurricane season
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The 9th Commanding Officer of HMS Mersey has said that the River Class Offshore Patrol Vessel has the capacity to assist Montserrat and other British Overseas Territories (OTs) if required during this the 2016 hurricane season.

Lieutenant Commander Richard Hewitt made the announcement during at press brief at the Governor’s Office early Wednesday.

Lieutenant Commander Hewitt revealed that HMS Mersey, deployed on Atlantic Patrol Task (north) until July, is ideally suited for boarding operations and if required, humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

DMCA head says storms are not the only threats this hurricane season

Billy Darroux
DMCA Director Billy Darroux

Head of Disaster Management on Montserrat is advising residents to use Dominica as an example that storms and hurricanes are not the only threats this hurricane season.

Billy Darroux said the impact of Tropical Erica on the nature isle has shown that property can be destroyed and economic development severely impacted by heavy rain.

His recommendation therefore, is for residents to prepare for all events.

Local Physicist says education system doesn’t meet the needs of the island

samuel joseph
Dr. Samuel Joseph

A local physicist does not believe the education system in Montserrat meets the short term or long term needs of Montserrat.

Dr. Samuel Joseph explains that the purpose of education is to academically and morally train people to function in a society.

However, he says there is a lack of recognition by education planners of the need to prepare students to function in a globalized society.

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