News for Thursday June 2nd, 2016

MCAP wants to file class action lawsuit against RBC

MCAP leader Rueben T Meade

The political grouping, the Movement for Change and Prosperity MCAP has signaled its intention to bring a class action lawsuit against the Royal Bank of Canada.

The Party’s leader Rueben Meade says the suit will be filed on behalf of the depositors affected by the banks $25.00 monthly fee increase on savings accounts.

Mr. Meade wants the court to determine whether or not the bank was fair in the adjustment of its rates.

Good news for persons who use the Collins Ghaut road

The Honourable Minister with responsibility for works, Paul Lewis, says negotiations have been completed with the land owners for cutting into the embankment to widen the road to allow for safe vehicular passage to and from the area.

The Collins Ghaut road has been compromised because of the recent collapse of the retaining wall which forced the temporary closure of the road.

Foster promoted to the rank of Lieutenant

RMDF Lieutenant Glenroy Foster

The Royal Montserrat Defence Force has announced the promotion of Glenroy Foster to the rank of Lieutenant.

Glenroy Foster was honoured with the promotion from his previous post of 2nd Lieutenant.

He joined the MSS Cadet Corp in 2000 where he gradually obtained numerous positions, one of which was the title of Cadet Sergeant Major.

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