Morning News for Monday October 19, 2015

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Montserrat in line to benefit from technical assistance in the tourism sector

Montserrat is in line to get technical assistance to monitor the impact of tourism on the economy.

The Caribbean Tourism Organization, has had discussions with local officials on implementing the Tourism Satellite Accounting System.

The TSA is considered the most accurate approach to quantify the impact of the travel and tourism sector.


“Our small size does not prevent us from being impacted from various financial crimes” according to a top law enforcement Official

The Director of the Financial Crime and Analysis Unit said “despite our small size we are exposed to the ills of financial crimes”.


Charles Thompson made the remarks while speaking on the topic ‘Financial Crimes and the Law’.

Thompson explained that financial crimes are crimes against property involving the unlawful conversion of the ownership of property to one’s own personal use and benefit.



Parliament has a critical role to play in the island’s development says Hon. Speaker of the House

Parliament has a critical role to play in the island’s development agenda.

The honourable Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Shirley Osborne said in order to achieve this objective, the local parliament has started to become more active in the community through outreach activities.


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