ZJB Evening News for Monday June 8, 2015

In Today’s News Headlines:

Travelers on island are still awaiting the promised 50 percent reduction in Sea Departure tax between Antigua/Barbuda and Montserrat.
An Antigua Cabinet decision has for weeks now indicated that a decision was taken on the reduction but it has not cascaded down for implementation to take place.
On Montserrat, it’s been reported that the Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo has been receiving complaints from travelers who are not benefiting from the promised reduced rate as per the Antigua/Barbuda Cabinet decision.
At present, the Office of the Premier is seeking further Clarification and information from the government of Antigua/Barbuda on the scheduled implementation date for the Cabinet Decision. Presently, travelers who spend more than 24 hours in Antigua are required to pay $75 dollars departure tax when traveling by ferry to Montserrat.
Delmaude RyanThe Honourable Minister with responsibility for Social Services is exploring options to address the transportation needs of persons with disabilities.
Mrs Delmaude Ryan told the Montserrat Association for people with Disabilities (MAPD) that she wold continue to work on this issue; so that persons with disabilities could be more integrated into society.
The Social Services Minister was giving reflections on some of the points raised during presentations made by members of the MAPD at their Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Prior to Mrs. Ryan’s remarks, the President of the MAPD, Joseph ‘King Kirwan challenged leaders to include the needs of the disabled community, when formulating plans and policies.
An appeal is being made to private sector organizations here to set up business continuity plans.
The advice is coming from a top Disaster Management Official.
A continuity plan sets out how a business will operate following an incident.
It also outlines how the business is expected to return to regular operation in the quickest time possible afterwards.
Acting Director at the Disaster Management Coordination Agency Kelvin White there says continuity planning is an essential part of how businesses respond to hazards.
In other top stories:
There has been an increase of 11 traffic accidents for 2015 compared to the same period last year…
The Honourable Minister of Health Delmaude Ryan is representing Montserrat at a high-level regional health forum this week in Barbados…
US-based Montserratian Cardiologist Dr. Icilma Fergus- Rowe has described as a “momentous occasion” her being part of a team that set a Guinness World Record for most people in a CPR relay in the US…
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