MONTSERRAT VOTES: Premier-elect Romeo thanks voters

***Breaking News: Premier-elect Romeo thanks voters***

The Premier-elect of Montserrat Mr Donaldson Romeo early Friday morning appeared on national radio ZJB/Radio Montserrat to thank voters for practically guaranteeing that his party will form the British territory’s next government.

Donaldson Romeo

Mr Romeo spoke as the trend in the counting of the votes and ballots pointed to a clear and convincing victory for his Peoples Democratic Movement(PDM).
The PDM leader appealed for a united Montserrat and reiterated his party’s slogan of putting people first in his incoming administration.
He affirmed that they will stick to their manifesto pledges and commitments.
“There is nothing in that manifesto that we cannot do. I expect us to do even more,” Montserrat’s soon-to-be second premier declared.

(Interviewer: Chelston Lee)

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