Premier Meade signs ‘twinning’ MOUs

The Honourable Premier of Montserrat Mr Reuben Meade this week signed Memoranda of Understanding twinning Montserrat with counties in the UK and Spain.

The first was with the territory’s namesake, Montserrat of Valencia Spain, and the other with the county of Hertfordshire in the UK.

Building relations with another Montserrat

Premier Meade Montserrat Valencia 2

Premier Meade Montserrat Valencia 1










Montserrat (Valencian pronunciation: [monseˈrat], Spanish: Monserrat), also known as Montserrat d’Alcalà, is a municipality in the comarca of Ribera Alta in the Valencian Community, Spain.(Wikipedia)

Twinning with ‘Herts’

On Friday June 20th Premier Meade signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the County Council of Hertfordshire in the UK.

RTM Herts 1

RTM Herts 2












About Hertfordshire

Population: 1,119,800

Hertfordshire is a county full of contrasts that blend together to create a superb quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Situated in the south east of England, the county is about 20 miles from London but still retains its own unique identity, with thriving modern towns and picturesque villages set in beautiful countryside.

The balance of these contrasts is an unrivalled atmosphere and quality of life which attracts both people and businesses to the county.

In November 2013, a national Quality of Life Index listed Hertfordshire as the third-best place to live in the UK.

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  1. I am curious – I had always understood that Montserrat was named after the famous Montserrat with its monastery (Santa Maria de Montserrat) and saw-tooth mountains near Barcelona, not this other Montserrat (which seems to be far from famous, and from what little I can find about it on the web, does not have any such mountains). Have the historians changed their minds, or is it just that twinning with the Valencia Montserrat more convenient (because it is a town, not a monastery and a mountain)?

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