Strategies for a sustainability private sector

The Montserrat Private sector here is in line to benefit from a series of training sessions organized by the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, OECS Business Council.

The training to be conducted via video conference will be facilitated by the local Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Agency Office in Brades.

The proposed topics to be covered are energy, agriculture, education, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and the Environment.

 The training sessions will run from March to July this year.

According to a press statement from the OECS Business Council, the private sector led initiative aims to create valuable linkages with the Caribbean Growth Forum (CGF) through the three key pillars of Investment Climate, Logistics and Connectivity, and Skills and Productivity.

The Caribbean Growth Forum initiative is being implemented by the public sector as it is critical that the public sector effect major reforms to improve efficiencies and the ease of doing business.

It is however imperative that the private sector harmonise its approach with the Public Sector and speak as one voice on issues that will spur growth and development.

The OECS Business Council recognizes the urgent need for action in this regard to spur growth, which will only redound to the benefit of all citizens in small islands.

It states that Statistics indicate that economic growth in the CARICOM countries overall have declined over the last 20 years.

In light of this, President of the OECS Business Council Lilian Piper said that in order to improve per capita income, growth needs to measure five to seven percent.

She further stated that effective reform will take place only if the private sector knows what it wants and can communicate and negotiate with government purposefully and effectively.”