Senior Police Officer welcomes privatization of road tests

A senior officer in the Royal Montserrat Police Service, RMPS has welcomed the privatization of the island’s road tests.

Sergeant Julian Wade says he believes Arthur Meade and Former Police Officer Joseph Chambers who are the examining officers for the company will raised the standard of the test.

Samuel’s Enterprises was awarded the contract to conduct driving tests.

Sergeant Wade also says this change will allow the police to focus more on core policing duties.

Samuel’s Enterprises, which began operations on January 23rd, will be responsible for examining first time drivers, upgrade drivers licenses and facilitate persons who desire a Montserrat license.

Persons are required to pay a 200 dollar fee at the Canteen at the Police Headquarters Canteen in Brades, in addition to 50 dollars which is to be paid to the Public Works Department for the road test.

Individuals are also required to pay 20 dollars, also a Public Works for the written test, as well as an additional 30 dollars at the Police Canteen.

This road test was originally conducted by the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) for many years, however, this service has now been privatized to allow police officers to have more time to focus more core  policing duties.