Claude Hogan On “silent” election Campaign

A Political Analyst here believes the nature of the Montserrat Society plays a critical role in influencing the islands political culture. Claude Hogan shared his views on the Breakfast Show Radio Programme on Radio Montserrat Tuesday.

In giving his perspective on what some have described as a ‘silent’ election year, Hogan explains that the islands political culture impacts one’s decision to begin an early overt campaign.

Nonetheless, the Political Analyst says campaigning is covertly taking place and it could be a strategy employed by candidates who would want to wait until closer to the time of election to make their candidacy publicly known.


Hogan dispels the notion that persons are fearful about stepping into politics or making their candidacy known early.

He however says some persons might be apprehensive about making their candidacy known early because of the possible risks associated with an early announcement.

General elections are constitutionally due by September this year.

However, Premier, the Honourable Reuben T. Meade can call election at any time.