Government Faces The People

A new programme is set to hit ZJB’s airwaves tonight! And this, as the Public Relations Unit of the Government of Montserrat launches ‘Our Government Faces the People’ on Wednesday August 14.

The live radio programme aims to update the public on the accomplishments of the Government during their time in office.

‘Our Government Faces the People’ will allow members of the ruling Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP) administration to give an account of their stewardship as they approach four years in office.

The series of live radio programmes will be aired every Wednesday night at 8p.m.

This Wednesday, the featured guest will be the Minister of Education, Health and Social Services the honourable Colin Riley.

The programme also provides an opportunity for listeners to interact with the quests by calling in live on 491-7227 or 491-9064 and ask questions.