Hon Jermaine Wade Highlights Value Of Festivals

jermaineParliamentary Secretary the Honourable Jermaine Wade says festivals are one of the greatest assets to the island’s tourism product. In his radio address for Calabash Festival 2013, Mr. Wade emphasizes the value which festivals bring to the economy.

He is also calling on residents to develop and support these festivals as a means of enhancing the tourism industry.

Jermaine Wade

One Reply to “Hon Jermaine Wade Highlights Value Of Festivals”

  1. Honourable Wade is so on the ball with his comments. We need to tap into this untapped industry to add more excitement to our beautiful idyllic way of life.
    We have such a peaceful island and more people would welcome the opportunity to spend time with us to get away from the maddening crowd and experience happiness among us as we share our rich culture.
    Thank you for your support Hon Wade. The Committee did a great job again this year. The vendors and the people who experienced it were very happy with the week of activities.
    For 2014, our main goal now is to garner some additional sponsorship so that we can improve on our presentation.
    We need banners and signs to promote Montserrat Calabash Festival and we also need prizes for the entertainers.
    2015 is our 10th Anniversary and we are eagerly looking forward to the two years ahead.

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