Lighthouse Academy Makes Headlines

The Lighthouse Community Academy has been making headlines in recent times. The students have performed excellently in the recent Ministry of Education national examinations.

They excelled in all areas of the examinations– Mathematics, Language Arts and English Language. Head teacher at the Lighthouse Community Academy, Rosemund Meade says she is not surprised at the achievements of the students because of what she describes as the tremendous potential and work ethics displayed by most if not all of them.

She is full of praise for all the students who participated in the national examinations acknowledging the hard work put in by all parties concerned.

Speaking on behalf of the board of directors, teachers, members of the parent teachers’ association, the students themselves and the school’s supporting cast, Mrs Meade says she expects even greater results from the school in the future.

The Head teacher says it has been a humbling experience especially when considering the very humble beginnings from where the school has emerged.

Meantime, Mrs Meade also highlights the great strides that are being made by students from the Lighthouse Community Academy who have gone on to the Montserrat Secondary School and are performing excellently there as well.

She says this is a clear indication of not only the potential but also the dedication and commitment of the students themselves, and the will of all concerned to drive them to success.

Mrs Meade says the total development of each child is the goal of the school.

ZJB News applauds the success of the students at the Lighthouse Community Academy and wishes them well in the future.