Dr. Lewis Proposes Performing Arts School

A Former Chief Minister here has put forward a proposal for the establishment of a Performing Arts School on the island. Dr. Lowell Lewis is of the view that the institution would be instrumental in making Montserrat a cultural Mecca in the Western Hemisphere.

images (2)At his invitation, the Universidad Popular UNIPOP, the International Consortium of Universities, commissioned a team to consult with a number of stakeholders here to solicit a reaction to the possibility of creating the school.

The purpose of the institute will be to offer higher learning in the area of performing arts, cultural arts and related specialities necessary for the conduct of culture as a business.

It will also provide training to talented persons from around the world through the application of theory that result in the creation of cultural products.

Among other functions, the Pacific Arts and Film Studies Institute of the Caribbean will motivate students to consider culture related professions.

Dr. Lewis is expected to expound on the objectives of the institute during the Sir. George Irish Lecture Series where he is expected to be the main presenter.


He will also share some of the findings of the report commissioned by the UNIPOP team.