Capacity Building Workshop For Youth

An interactive, fun filled, thought provoking and engaging Capacity Building Workshop opens at the Cultural Centre this week. The workshop which targets youth groups and community leaders is organized by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports.

225886_10150304199258502_603080_nIt will be conducted from July 18-19 under the theme ‘The future begins now: Building Groups and Community Leadership for tomorrow’.

The workshop was organized with the recognition that youth leaders play a crucial role in helping to curb the sense of helplessness among some youth and to aid in the development of young people by urging them to realize their potential.

Among the objectives are developing the capacity of youth leaders and prospective youth leaders, understanding and practicing effective team building skills and fostering and developing techniques that will empower and motivate others.

The topics to be covered include ‘leadership and team building’, ‘group dynamics’, ‘Programs and Projects’, and ‘Meetings’.