Mental Health Act Being Revised

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Elijah ‘King’ Silcott says progress has been made in revising several health Acts but he concedes that work needs to be done on Mental Health. Mister Silcott was speaking at the opening ceremony of the Mental Health Policy development workshop on Thursday.

Visiting Psychiatrist Dr Griffin Benjamin is assisting in the process of developing the Mental Health Policy for the island.

The development of a mental health policy is viewed as a critical aspect of Montserrat’s Sustainable development as Mister Silcot explains.  

Elijah Silcott

Work on the policy began in 2012 and it aims to strengthen the mental health system in Montserrat to ensure acceptable delivery of care to mentally challenged individuals.

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  1. Hopefully this will have far reaching effects in aiding such individuals who generally cannot look after these issues for themselves. Nice site.

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