Watch Choices, Produced by ZJB Radio Montserrat for the CBMP

4 Replies to “Watch Choices, Produced by ZJB Radio Montserrat for the CBMP”

  1. Catholic School’s children looking very smart at their school’s service…Remember those days when I had to read…congregation in Plymouth’s Catholic Church was much bigger then….managed to do it with the help of my loving parents, Aunts, Uncles the Nuns and not forgetting my God Parents………Love you teachers at Catholic School especially Teacher Minie…..Continue to keep up the good works…it’s just sooo amazing that you decide to still give your time to the Catholic community….love you loads…….JP…..

  2. Interesting,I am so happy to see that you are tackling these issues that have plagued our island for many years. No longer do you have to worry about just STD’s, but,a more serious life changing diseases like HIV/AIDS. Keep up the good work public education is the way to go. Well done.

  3. Not bad but Would have been alot better without that rap music.It was to loud. In the future try doing the clips without that kind of music.

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