Office of the Premier conducting survey to gather Diaspora feedback

BRADES, Montserrat – The Office of the Premier is conducting a survey to gather the feedback of members of the Diaspora on the island’s future development,
Montserrat Diaspora is a Part of Montserrat’s Development” is the title of the survey which is being conducted online via
“The importance in persons answering this is that it will provide a general guide as to the components of the Diaspora Strategy. This feedback will be used along with surveys done in previous years with the UK Diaspora. However, it will not only focus on UK Diaspora but our nationals worldwide,” said Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Premier, Mrs Beverley Mendes.
“An effective Strategy is not possible unless we have this feedback. The strategy is beneficial to Montserrat in the harnessing of resources not available nationally, and also beneficial to the Diaspora in creating opportunities which they would not otherwise have in countries where they currently reside, while maintaining their interest and stake in their home country.”
The survey will be conducted in two parts with 10 questions each. The first section is available at the end of this release via a web link or it can be taken online on the Spirit of Montserrat Facebook page.