Government of Montserrat’s ministries reorganised

BRADES, Montserrat – Several government ministries have been reorganised as part of the ongoing restructuring process and the inception of the new Constitution Order. The Ministry of Economic Development & Trade has been merged with the Ministry of Finance with some of its services moving to the Office of the Premier.

According to an announcement from the Office of the Deputy Governor, “in August, the Executive Council approved the restructuring of the Centre of Government and the creation of the Constitution Secretariat resulting in the reorganizing of the following Ministries:
– Ministry of Finance and Economic Management – Honourable John Skerritt remains as the Financial Secretary and will be supported by a Deputy Financial Secretary. The Ministry will be responsible for Treasury; Budget Management (both recurrent and capital); Montserrat Customs and Revenue Services; Post Office; Statistics; Internal Audit; and Economic Management (which includes Aid Negotiation and Project Cycle Management).
– Office of the Premier – The Premier will be supported by Mrs Beverley Mendes, Permanent Secretary, who will be responsible for Regional Affairs and Trade, have oversight of the Tourist Board and Diaspora Affairs.
o Mrs Angela Greenaway has been appointed as Cabinet Secretary within the Office of the Premier. Her role will include the coordination of all policy functions, servicing Cabinet, Information and Communications and Department for Information Technology and E-Government Services (DITES).
– Constitution Secretariat – Mrs Judith Baker has been appointed as Clerk of Legislative Assembly/Director with responsibility for servicing various Commissions as set out in the New Constitution.

“The appointments of Hon. John Skerritt – Financial Secretary, Mrs Beverley Mendes – Permanent Secretary, Mrs Angela Greenaway – Cabinet Secretary and Mrs Judith Baker – Director come into effect on September 27th, 2011. However, the new organization structures to support their functions will be phased in over a six (6) month period. Effective April 1, 2012, all structures will be fully operational. Until an effective date has been agreed for all transitions, the Financial Secretary will be responsible for DITES. Cabinet Secretary the following will retain responsibility and accountability for Aid Negotiations and Project Cycle Management, Statistics and Trade,” the statement said.
The Cabinet Secretary has begun to undertake the duties as Secretary to Cabinet and will begin coordinating the Strategic Planning process previously undertaken by the Office of the Deputy Governor. In addition effective October 3, 2011, she will assume responsibility for Information and Communications, which includes ZJB Radio Montserrat and the Government Information Unit (GIU).