EDGE Mobile Technology now available on Montserrat

SWEENEYS, Montserrat – Residents woke up Thursday to faster mobile data service as LIME Montserrat successfully moved 50% of its network to EDGE during the late night hours of Wednesday.
Joseph Cassell, General Manager of LIME Montserrat said he was very excited about the move and what it means for the level of service that is now available to customers here.
“We are very excited with this development and the overwhelming positive response from customers already. This is the next step in the evolution to 4G in Montserrat, which is part of the regional roll-out across LIME,” Cassell said.
EDGE, which stands for Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution, is a high-speed 3G technology that was built upon the global system for mobile communications (GSM) standard.
The mobile network in Montserrat now provides for a more enhanced customer experience. Results include faster Blackberry Messenger/related services and access to social networking plus improved speeds when browsing the Internet on a mobile phone.
In the interim customers can avail themselves of the interesting plans which are self-provisioned by customers by using the interactive menu *129#. A customer can choose from a number of “bolt-on” plans such as:
• Voice plans – one can buy as little as 50 minutes to the UK or USA for only $60. This is almost one third of the cost of normal peak rates.
• Unlimited texting plans for only $50
• Data plans for only $55
LIME continues to deliver value for the customer and to provide for the early adoption of new technology in keeping with the aspirations of our customers.
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