News for Monday October 5, 2015

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Teachers receive encouraging words from the Ministry of Education on World Teachers Day

Teachers here have been encouraged to persevere despite the challenges in the teaching profession.

Director of Education, Glenn Francis gave these words of encouragement as Montserrat joined the global observance of World Teachers Day today.

Although there are challenges, the Director said the teaching profession can be extremely gratifying.


Four Montserratian Students among hundreds to graduate from UWI Open Campus

Four Montserratian students will be among hundreds who will graduate from the University of the West Indies Open Campus this weekend.

The occasion will be held in Antigua and will once again celebrate the achievements of graduands in a grand Presentation of Graduates Ceremony at the St. John’s Pentecostal Church.

Kimora Ward, Julia Lee, Renee Valecha and Michael Wilson will join Six hundred and forty six other students who  will officially graduate from the Open Campus with degrees, certificates and diplomas in a wide range of subject areas.


St. John’s resident charged for unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl under 16

A St. John’s resident was charged for having unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl under 16 years today.

Sheldon Dubbery was arrested on Saturday and was taken before the Court  where he was granted bail.

As part of his bail conditions, Duberry is not to make contact with the victim.


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Morning News for Monday October 5, 2015

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Montserrat closer to having its own national data base for official statistics

Montserrat is even one step closer to having its own national data base for official statistics.

This follows work last week on the design of the templates for the Development Information Project, supported by CDB, UNICEF & CARICOM.

The data base will be used to compile and disseminate information on human development.


UNESCO calls for the empowerment of teachers to build sustainable societies


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization” (UNESCO) is today calling for the empowerment of teachers to build sustainable societies

October 5 is observed as World Teachers’ Day and highlights the fact that teachers must be empowered as a critical step towards quality education and sustainable societies.

UNESCO said despite global recognition of the importance of teachers in changing children’s lives and building sustainable and prosperous societies, they are all too often undervalued and under-empowered, particularly in the area of Early Childhood Education ECE.


The Postal Service on Montserrat to launch a number of new services soon

The Postal Service on Montserrat will be launching a number of new services soon.

Word of this has come from Director of the Postal Services Nyota Mulcare.

Mrs. Mulcare was speaking to ZJB News on the heels of World Post Day Week of Activities which runs from October 4th to 9th.

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News for Friday October 2, 2015

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A former Premier wants answers on land transactions for the third geothermal well

A former Premier of Montserrat wants answers from the Authorities on land transactions concerning the site for the third geothermal well.

Leader of the Opposition Reuben Meade said he has written to the Governor on the matter.

Mr. Meade’s concerns surround negotiations between the Government of Montserrat and land owners regarding the sale of the land earmarked as the site for the third well in the Weekes’ area.


A project aimed at encouraging an electronic waste reduction society will be launched here on Saturday

The first of 14 projects which received funding under the National ICT Strategy will be launched here tomorrow.

‘E-Clean Montserrat’, managed by Roland Irish is intended to encourage and enable an electronic waste reduction society.


Montserrat to benefit from a 1.9million Canadian funded project

Montserrat is in line to benefit from a Canadian funded project to building capacity in Statistical Departments in the Caribbean.

The initiative, valued at 1.9 million Canadian dollars, is called the Regional Advancement of Statistics in the Caribbean PRASC.

It was the focal point of meetings in Canada last month, attended by the honourable financial secretary, acting, Lindorna Brade and the Statistician Siohban Tuitt.

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News for Thursday October 1, 2015

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The Head of the local Senior Citizens organization reinforces the need for policies and plans to include older persons

The President of the Montserrat Senior Citizens Association (MSCA) has used ‘International Day of Older Persons’ to stress the need for Montserrat’s policies and plans to make provisions for older persons.

Bernadine Collins said she is hopeful that this will be done.

Tourism and accessibility for buildings and roads are some areas Collins thinks should be factored into our development plans.


“Set Achievable Goals” that’s the message from the Minister of Finance for Financial Information Month

The Honourable Premier and Minister of Finance said residents should use Financial Information Month to set achievable goals.

In an address marking the start of the month of activities today, Premier, Donaldson Romeo also challenged both adults and children to save.


Education Psychologist recommends group learning

An Education Psychologist is recommending the reintroduction of group learning as a way to improve the performance of students.

Dr. Shirley Kelly made the suggestion on the most recent “Education Talks” radio Programme Tuesday.

Dr. Kelly said from previous experience, group work has helped children to master certain subject areas which they found to be challenging.


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News for Wednesday September 30, 2015

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Montserrat stands to benefit from a multi-million pound infrastructure investment fund for the Caribbean


Montserrat, as an Overseas Development Assistance (ODA)-eligible Overseas Territory stands to benefit from a £300 million infrastructure fund for the Caribbean.

UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Tuesday that the UK Government is to invest the funds in vital new infrastructure in the Caribbean.

Mr. Cameron made the announcement in Jamaica on the first leg of a 2-day visit focused on reinvigorating the relationship between the UK and the Caribbean countries.


Montserrat signs tax compliance agreement with the United States


Montserrat has signed a tax compliance agreement with the United States.

The agreement signed by both governments on September 8, seeks to improve International Tax Compliance.

The accord between the two countries followed a letter of entrustment given by the UK to the local Government in March last year.

The agreement also speaks to the implementation of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act FACTA, which is a tax reporting system.


The Commissioner of police refutes claims that the Royal Montserrat Police Service is being overrun by British law enforcement officers

Source: Montserrat Reporter

Commissioner of Police, Steve Foster, has stated categorically that the Royal Montserrat Police Service is firmly at the helm of investigations involving veteran attorney at law David S. Brandt.

In a formal statement, a copy of which was made available to ZJB News, Mr. Foster confirmed that Mr. Brandt’s arrests on September 18th and 25th were executed with the assistance of Police Officers of the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, as well as officers of the National Crime Agency (NCA) in the United Kingdom.

Following his arrests and subsequent bail, Mr. Brandt claimed harassment and said the RMPS is being overrun by law enforcement officers from Britain.


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News for Tuesday September 29, 2015

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Veteran Attorney believes British Law enforcement officers are attempting to take zantac over the running of the Royal Montserrat Police Service

A veteran attorney at law is sounding a warning to all residents on Montserrat to be on guard for what he describes as an attempt by British law enforcement officers astelin cost to take over the running of the Royal Montserrat Police service. David S. Brandt issued the warning against the background of his two arrests on September 18 and 25th both Fridays, when law enforcement officers dominated by those who he said were British, ransacked his residential home over the past week.  

Pre-hospital Care and Emergency Service Response training participants will be able to use new ambulance equipment soon

The participants in the Pre-Hospital Care and Emergency Service Response training will be able to use the equipment in the new ambulance, upon completion of the one month course. The Honourable acting Minister of Health, David Osborne said he was assured of this, prior to the start of the training. The Governor’s Office Jubilee funded programme aims to improve and maintain staff competency in pre-hospital and emergency response.

UK Government and Parliament petitioned about child sex abuse on Montserrat

A formal written request has been made to the UK Government and Parliament asking that the Governor hold an inquiry into urispas online the prosecution of child sex abuse in Montserrat. In her letter, the creator caverta brand of the petition stated that “sexual abuse of children (girls and boys) by adult males are not being prosecuted due to either police, or those in authority being buy lipitor too familiar with the offender, or parents of children mobic being paid to keep the crime a secret, thus destroying young lives”. The individual who created buy intagra brand the petition today said she and many others have been victims of this very crime while attending secondary school on island. Viona Alexander-Smith presents these and other stories    

News for Monday September 28, 2015

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Veteran Attorney describes his second arrest in one week as “harassment”

Lawyer David S. Brandt said the actions of law enforcement Officers against him are tantamount to harassment.

Mr. Brandt was arrested on September 18, then bailed and arrested again along with his wife on September 25.

In an interview with ZJB News, Mr. Brandt said the lawmen arrested him and his wife last Friday for the possession of an unlicensed firearm.

Integrated Border Security seeking the whereabouts of three Haitians

The Integrated Border Security Unit (IBSU) of the Montserrat Customs and Revenue Service (MCRS) is investigating a situation where some Haitians who entered the island recently have not been seen since their date of arrival.

“Based on the information given by the three Haitian nationals upon arrival at Port Little Bay, two weeks ago, they were given a specific amount of time to remain on the island”, explained the IBSU.

The IBSU stated it is customary for any visitor entering the island to be given a time and if for any reason they need to apply for an extension, the case could be made.


The MSS now has a permanent Mathematics Teacher

The Montserrat Secondary School MSS has confirmed that it has received a permanent Mathematics teacher.

The individual who arrived at the school on Friday is expected to lecture six classes which is about 120 students.

The school said it’s expecting another Mathematics  teacher later this week.

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Morning News for Monday September 28, 2015

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A former Government Minister has called on the authorities to explain ongoing investigations involving prominent Montserratians

A former government minister is calling on the authorities here to give a public explanation into the ongoing investigation involving prominent Montserratians.

Vernon Auk Jeffers, in an open letter to the media, questioned whether the elected Government and the Governor have a shared responsibility not only for the well-being and safety of the “General Public”, but to keep the “General Public” informed on all matters of national significance.

Mr. Jeffers wants clarification as to why there is the presence of overseas law enforcement officers in Montserrat.


Former Chief Minister David Brandt and his wife Verna Brandt were arrested and charged on Friday for being in possession of an unlicensed firearm

The Royal Montserrat Police Service has confirmed that Former Chief Minister David Brandt and his wife Verna Brandt were arrested and charged for being in possession of an unlicensed firearm on Friday.

The police say the arrests were made following a search which was carried out on the couple’s residential home in Olveston that same day.

A senior police officer confirmed that contrary to reports circulating in online media, the search was conducted by only RMPS officers.


A regional youth body has called on the Government to celebrate ‘Caribbean Youth Day

A Regional youth body is calling on the government here to celebrate Caribbean Youth Day on Wednesday.

The Caribbean Regional Youth Council said the day should be used to recognize the work and achievement of young people on island.

It stated, the day should also be used to reinforce the contributions and roles of youth for the continued and sustainable development of the countries of the region.

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News for Friday September 25, 2015

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Insect infestation causes closure of Treasury Department on Friday

The Treasury Department was instructed to closed down Friday following reports of an insect infestation in the building.

A senior official within the Department of Labour confirmed that it received a report of sightings of insects on the premises around mid-morning.

The official said a labour team was dispatched to the office where it observed numerous beetle like insects crawling in several areas throughout the building.


Government of Montserrat pushing ahead with geothermal expansion

The government of Montserrat is pressing ahead with the expansion of the geothermal project.

The Honourable Minister of Communications, Works and Labour Paul Lewis believes there is light at the end of the tunnel despite a delay in the development of the third production well.

The well, will be explored on private lands in the Weekes’ area.


Premier and British Government agree on creating a plan that would make Montserrat more self sufficient

Montserrat’s leader of government business said his administration in partnership with Her Majesty’s Government is working on a plan of action to put the island back on its own two feet

Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo said the main objective is to ensure that Montserrat has a viable and sustainable economy.

He said this is the mandate articulated by both the British and local tax payers.

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News for Thursday September 24, 2015

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Government attracts additional support to strengthen renewable energy project

In an effort to forge what is being described as a “correct blend”  of consultants for Montserrat’s renewable energy development, three other top organizations have now joined the fray.

The Honourable Minister with responsibility for energy Paul Lewis, says in addition to Seamens and REETA, a CARICOM initiative, the Rocky Mountain Institute, Carbon War Room and the Clinton Foundation have been brought in to further strengthen the project.


Montserrat Secondary School  still without sufficient teachers


Over two hundred students at the Montserrat Secondary School MSS are still without a permanent Mathematics teacher.

This has been confirmed by the school’s Principal Cherlyn Hogan.

However, The Principal said she was told by the Ministry of Education that a permanent Math teacher will be in place by the end of this week.


Government says it has not broken any procurement rules

The government has broken no procurement rules.

That’s according to the island’s premier in the Legislative Assembly  Wednesday.

Mr. Donaldson Romeo was responding to questions posed by the leader of the opposition Reuben Meade about the procurement of five doors from Romeo’s Wayside store.

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