ZJB Evening News Tuesday January 27, 2015

Honourable Minister of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour, Paul Lewis

Honourable Minister of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour, Paul Lewis

A government minister is calling for provisions to be made in the electoral process to accommodate students who have to travel at least a week before a general election.
The call has been made by the Honourable Minister of Communications, Works and Labour, Paul Lewis.
Mr. Lewis says unpopular as it may sound, he feels there should be the possibility of “absentee ballots” or any other arrangement to enable students who live on island to exercise their franchise before leaving for study.


John WilsonAs Budgetary Aid talks between the government of Montserrat and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) entered its second day Tuesday, a former minister of government has thrown into the mix the words “regeneration” and “sustainability” as key to the island’s future development.
Former Minister of Communications, Works and Labour, John Wilson, says regeneration in its broadest sense is not a word that should be taken lightly at such a critical time as the one in which Montserrat now finds itself.
Mr. Wilson emphasizes that in Montserrat’s case, the definition of regeneration is powerful and the operative word to sustainability.

JeromeResidents of Look Out are been given an opportunity to have their say on the proposed construction of a Seventh Day Adventist Church in the area.
Chief Physical Planner Jerome Meade says it is a mandatory requirement to consult persons before the construction of such a facility.
He says the church which is expected to accommodate 140 persons will be located roughly 200 feet north east of Gregory Willock’s residence.

In other top stories:
Montserratians and other residents of New York City who were bracing for what was predicted to be one of the worst ever snow storm to hit the city may have escaped the brunt of the blizzard…
Local Author Catherine ‘Helena’ Dorsette has taken steps to reach a wider audience with her three books which were launched here last year…
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ZJB Evening News Monday January 26, 2015

Hon. PremierDonaldson RomeoTalks began here Monday between the Government of Montserrat (GoM) and a team from the UK Department for International Development, DFID on the annual planning of the island’s heavily supported budget.
The five-day meeting January 26th to 30th is to review DFID’s budget aid support and assess the performance of the existing project portfolio.
The 2015-2016 Montserrat budget is due to be presented in March in the Montserrat Legislative Assembly by the Hon. Premier and Finance Minister Donaldson Romeo.

Coordinator of the annual Calabash Festival Florence Griffith-Joseph believes now is the time for the people of Montserrat to have some form of closure and healing from effects of the Soufriere’ Hills volcano.
She made the comment on the latest Cultural Show during a discussion facilitated by the MVO to garner public views on how best to commemorate the 20th anniversary of volcanic activities on Montserrat.
Mrs Griffith-Joseph says people are still hurting from the devastation caused by the volcanic activities.

A number of young persons on island are expected to receive temporary employment from the launch of a Columbian trade fair or expo here.
The expo, showcasing products from Columbia, opened last weekend at the St Patrick’s Credit Union Hall in Brades.
The Columbian expo, hosted by “International Columbian Business 1”, will run for about 15 to 20 days.

In other top stories:
Youth on Montserrat have been afforded additional time to register for a CARICOM-led initiative aimed at strengthening their entrepreneurial skills…
The fifth annual Montserrat Idol Contest got underway last Saturday night at Soca Cabana with 11 promising artistes vying for the coveted title…
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Premier Romeo on budget and DfID negotiations

Romeo parliament

The Hon. Premier and Min. of Finance and Economic Development and Tourism, Donaldson Romeo has been detailing his government’s budgetary and developmental priorities.

The Government of Montserrat is meeting this week with a delegation from the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) on the British territory’s 2015-2016 budget and other funding issues.

Listen to Premier Romeo, speaking in the Montserrat Legislative Council on Friday January 23rd, ahead of the DfID talks, outlining the challenges being faced and strategies being adopted by his new administration.

Premier Romeo’s People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) government won the September 2014 general election by a 7-2 margin over the then-incumbent Movement for Change and Prosperity led by former Premier Reuben Meade. Mr Meade is now the Leader of the Opposition.

ZJB Evening News Thursday January 22, 2015

House FireA one bedroom home in the Davy Hill community was destroyed by a fire on Thursday afternoon.
The Montserrat Fire and Rescue Service and the Royal Montserrat Police Service responded to the fire at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
Speaking with ZJB News, Deputy Chief Fire Officer Astrid Wade says members of the Fire Service and Criminal Investigation Department (CID) are carrying out investigations to determine the cause of the fire.

Hon. PremierDonaldson RomeoThe Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo is calling for full support for the 2015 annual St Patrick’s Festival.
He made the comment following a meeting earlier this week with members of the St Patrick’s Committee which he described as pleasant and encouraging.
Mr. Romeo says the committee is well organized and is in position to deliver another successful St Patrick’s Festival.

The Director of the Environment Gerard Gray has been singled out for praise for his efforts in promoting environmental awareness, protection and conservation on Montserrat.
The Honourable Minister with responsibility for the Environment Claude Hogan lauded the local environmental official during the opening of a just-concluded two-day environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) workshop.
Minister Hogan, credited the Environment director for – as he puts it – preaching conservation and
protection when the world standards and practices were being crafted.
He also said he hoped Mr. Gray would be properly understudied as a world class conservationist, to ensure his accumulated knowledge and skills are passed on.

In other top stories:
St. Patrick’s Day Festival has both an economic and educational value to the community of Montserrat…
Aqua Montserrat continues to attract regional and international attention…
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ZJB Evening News Wednesday January 21st, 2015

Hon. Leader of the Opposition Reuben T Meade (standing)The Honourable Leader of the Opposition here is calling on the Honourable Premier and leader of the ruling People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) Administration to break his silence and let people know the plans for the future development of Montserrat.
In a prepared statement aired Wednesday morning on Radio Montserrat, Reuben T. Meade urged the Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo to tell the populace something.
Mr. Meade raised a number of questions on several development areas which he claimed that Premier Romeo promised to address when he got into office.

Claude_Hogan_2014_02The Honourable Minister with responsibility for the environment Claude Hogan has expressed the government of Montserrat’s commitment to pursuing the best environmental standards for the island
He was at the time delivering the keynote address at the opening of a two-day environmental Impact Assessment (EAI) workshop at the offices of the Montserrat National Trust in Olveston Wednesday morning.
The workshop has been jointly organized by the Montserrat National Trust, the Department of the Environment (DOE), in partnership with Mike Pienkowski from the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum (UKOT CF)

James Scriber DaleyA heritage round-the-island boat tour is one of the new activities added to the calendar of events for the St. Patrick’s Festival this year.
The St. Patrick’s Festival, also known as “Heritage Fest” is a March celebration of Montserrat’s African and Irish heritage.
The Heritage round-the-island boat party will be held on Sunday March 15.
Scribers Adventure tours will be organizing the tour.
James ‘Scriber’ Daley of Scriber Adventure Tours speaks about what persons can expect on the tour.

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Evening News Tuesday January 20, 2015

Hon.-Jermaine-Wade-150x150[1]There’s a call for further wide-scale public consultation on the ‘Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2015’ before its final passage.
The Honourable Minister of Communications, Works and Labour is expected to move the Introduction, First, Second and Third Readings of the Bill during a sitting of the Legislative Assembly on Friday.
However, Spokesman for the Opposition Jermaine Wade believes proper parliamentary procedure should be followed to ensure members of public are given ample opportunity to thoroughly scrutinize and comment on the Road Traffic Amendment Bill 2015.

Howard Fergus_ProfileThe Honourable Speaker of the Legislative Assembly has welcomed what he refers to as the “widening debate” on the electoral reform process on Montserrat.
Professor Sir Howard Fergus says he is intrigued by the varying subject matter that is being raised for consideration by election reformers.
The Honourable Speaker says not only has the debate raised matters relating to the voting process and possible changes, but other areas pertaining to the bigger picture of electoral reform.

John WilsonA former government minister has singled out three areas which he believes are critical to the sustainable development of Montserrat
John Wilson, a former Minister of Communications, Works and Labour said adequate air access, proper port facility and land for redevelopment were a must if Montserrat were to return to a thriving state.
Mister Wilson, who was speaking on the Breakfast Show programme, reflected on the re-occurring travel issues faced by visitors for the festival season.

In other top stories:
Residents here will this week get a chance to learn the principles, procedures and practices of integrating environment for sustainability through a two-day Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) workshop…
A former chief scientist at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) has won a prestigious science award…
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ZJB Evening News Monday January 19th, 2015

YachtsMontserrat’s Yachting Tourism is said to be on the rebound.
15 yachts were anchored in the Little Bay harbour last weekend, a significant number for quite some time.
It’s been reported that several of the sailors took the opportunity to sample the local cuisine especially at restaurants in the Little Bay Marine Village water front area.


Legislative meetingThe Legislative Assembly will have its second sitting for the New Year at the conference room of the Montserrat Cultural Centre this Friday.
The session is scheduled to start at 9:00am.
On the Order paper, the Honourable Premier and Minister of Finance and Economic management is expected to move the first, second and third reading of the bill shortly entitled – Bank Interest Levy (amendment) Bill 2015.

gary-mortonUS-based Montserratian Gary Morton says he’s truly humbled, honored and thankful to be re-elected for a second term as President of the National Black MBA Association, Boston Chapter in USA.
Mr. Morton, who is also the Vice President of the Montserrat Secondary School Association (MSSA) says it is really a humbling experience to lead an organization comprised mostly black graduates with Master’s degrees in Business Administration, advanced degrees and entrepreneurs.

In other top stories:
Students at the Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) have another opportunity to participate in a ‘Smartphone Video Contest’…
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ZJB Evening News Friday January 16, 2015

Mervin Browne

Mervin Browne

The Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) has received funding approval from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) for its BNTF7 Basic Community Access and Drainage project portfolio.
BNTF Project Manager Mervin Browne says the approved project portfolio comprises two road rehabilitation sub-projects.
These are the Barzey’s Community Road Rehabilitation and Drummonds Community Road Rehabilitation sub-projects.


JeromeMontserrat will be receiving much-needed assistance to finalize and strengthen its building codes.
Confirmation of this has come from Chief Physical Planner, Jerome Meade.
Mr. Meade is back home after attending a recent a one-day meeting in St. Lucia.


shirley OsborneShirley Osborne has described as a revelation” the just-ended Post-Election seminar which was organized by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA).
She says the workshop provided a lot of opportunities for members of the Legislative Assembly to learn about parliamentary procedures and to benefit from knowledge-sharing involving experienced parliamentarians from other jurisdictions.

In other top stories:
Efforts are underway here to start a percussion ensemble on island using recycled items…
The Montserrat Idol contest is an avenue to unearth and expose great potential on island…
A newly formed youth led organisation “Dunamis Products and Services” has been launched in Montserrat…
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ZJB Evening News Thursday January 15, 2015

Rod StewartThe Director of the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) says a pause in activity at the Soufriere hills volcano does not equate to the volcano being asleep.
Rod Stewart was responding to talk by residents that activity at the volcano has ended since its now almost five years since the last significant surface manifestation at the volcano.
The MVO director warned that a surge in activity could happen at any time with or without warning and that residents should not become complacent

Gregory WillockHonourable Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Sports, Youth Affairs and Culture, Gregory Willock[/caption]The regional and international exposure which the Montserrat Idol Contest offers to its winners is significant enough to make it a National Festival!
That’s the view of the Honourable Parliamentary Secretary with responsibility for Culture, Gregory Willock.
Mister Willock on Wednesday announced that the Montserrat Idol is now one of six National festivals.

Hon.-Jermaine-Wade-150x150[1]A former Parliamentary Secretary is challenging Mr Willock’s decision to designate the Montserrat Idol contest as a national festival.
Jermaine Wade, who is also the Parliamentary Advisor for the Opposition, says the idol contest does not meet the criteria or satisfy the requirements for a national event.

In other top stories:
Members of the Legislative Assembly describe the just ended two-day post-election seminar as an informative, engaging and successful exercise…
19 middle and senior members of the Public Service have successful completed a course in Human Resources Administration…
Montserrat has been invited to participate in the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (ITU) Anniversary Week early next Month…
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